Guidance for employers

There are many documents available for employers that want to learn about how they can support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

AVIVA research on ‘Pandemic impact on employees one year on’.   In a report published June 2021, AVIVA report on a range of factors affecting employee life satisfaction.  ‘More employees are neglecting their physical health due to work as daily anxiety and dissatisfaction mount up’.  You can view/download the report when you click here.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) published their report titled ‘Health and Wellbeing at Work’ (48 pages) that you can view/download when you click here.

From the foreword of the report: There are indications that more employers have a standalone well-being strategy in support of their wider organisation strategy, hopefully reflecting the growing recognition that organisations need to take a strategic and integrated approach to people’s health and well-being. Most organisations believe their health and well-being activities are having a positive benefit.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) is a Crown non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom. Their booklet ‘Health Work and Wellbeing’ (36 pages) can be viewed/downloaded when you click here.

The booklet helps you to understand the interaction between health and wellbeing and work by focusing on:
• the relationships between line managers and employees
• the importance of getting employees involved
• job design, flexible working and the use of occupational health

The NHS Long Term Plan (2019)

Employers have a key role to play in supporting their staff to stay well and in work.

The government has published a framework to help employers record and voluntarily report information on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. The framework invites employers to report on training and support provided to staff, uptake of support, recruitment and retention rates and results from staff surveys. It also links in recommendations from Thriving at Work and Disability Confident. This framework sits alongside the Campaign to End Loneliness pledge that asks employers to commit to supporting their employees’ social wellbeing.  Click here to view/download the report (136 pages). Extract above found on page 117.

Voluntary Reporting on Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Published by Department of Works and Pension and Department of Health and Social Care.

The reporting framework is aimed at large employers with over 250 employees but can also be used to support smaller employers who are keen to drive greater transparency in their organisation or industry. Click here to view/download the report (11 pages).