Hi, I’m Frank your Wellbeing Catalyst. I started my professional career as a Personal Trainer in 2003.

I am a registered Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Practitioner.  My specialist qualifications include:

  • GP Exercise Referral for people with a range of health conditions
  • Course leader for ESCAPE-pain a rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain
  • Health checks for the NHS

I have experience with individuals and groups with the following health conditions:

Arthritis : Asthma : Anxiety : Cancer (post-treatment and in remission) : Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Diabetes : Depression : Guillain-Barre Syndrome : Hypertension : Joint Injury Rehabilitation : Joint Replacement Rehabilitation : Lower Back Pain : Multiple Sclerosis : Mental Health : Obesity : Osteoarthritis : Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation (post heart attack) : Rheumatoid Arthritis

During your wellbeing day I will help your employees recognise and understand how their current health status compares with recommended guidelines. When we have established their personal status the employee will, with my help, then understand what aspects of their lifestyle may need to change and why that is important for their long term health.

Small changes in food and exercise habits make big changes to health and good health has been linked to reduced sickness absence and improved performance at work.  And let’s not forget, if we are fit for work then we are also fit to enjoy life outside of work!