Employee wellbeing

An increasing number of employers are focussing on wellbeing in the workplace and employees are responding enthusiastically. After all, who is not interested in optimal health and wellbeing?

Where do you start? You need a catalyst … someone who is an expert … the Wellbeing Catalyst … using specialised equipment and knowledge I will consult your employees in ways to improve their health and wellbeing. A win – win.

My name is Frank Bennett and I provide services to employers that see their employees as their Number 1 asset and recognise that an employee’s capacity for work can be affected by their health and wellbeing.¬†With 15 years of experience as a registered Personal Trainer I have seen thousands of people and worked with them to improve their health through exercise or changes in lifestyle.

Using specialised qualifications I also provide exercise and health advice to people referred under several national health schemes:

GP Exercise Referral Program: for people with a range of medical conditions. 

Course facilitator for ESCAPE-pain: a rehabilitation course for people living with arthritic joint pain.

Phase 4 BACPR Cardiac rehabilitation: a rehabilitation scheme for people who have heart conditions.

NHS Health Check Consultant: a health check for people aged 40-74 with no pre-existing medical conditions.

Are you an employer looking to spark wellbeing awareness in your workplace? I can be your Wellbeing Catalyst. Click here for information about my health and wellbeing services for employers and their employees.